Does the trend to call yourself ‘intuitive’ rather than psychic make a difference?

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There is debate in some spiritual circles as to whether someone should describe themselves an intuitive or a psychic. In fact some I know are purist about it.

If we consider that the word ‘psychic’ is derived from ancient Greek ‘psykhikos’ we discover that it relates to ‘breath, spirit, soul…

Helen teaching in the desert at Uluru

(abridged from the forthcoming book The Intelligence of The Spirit — to be released 2021)

For mental mediumship, the unidentified evidence is both the bane and the blessing of the medium. On the one hand, you have the intelligence of the spirit confirming the sanctity and intelligence of their communication…

Understanding natural animal communication
natural animal communication

We base our natural animal communication upon the energy of emotion and thought. In one sense, it’s as simple to understand as someone asking you if you are enjoying the food they cooked for you and you aren’t. They can usually tell. Out of politeness, you say what you think…

An unforgettable experience in the Australian desert epitomised my journey of colour consciousness. A few years prior, a friend asked me to give them an evaluation of their spiritual direction. She was from Australia, but living in the UK. I realised she would return home, and I mentioned this. “I…

Helen DaVita - The Writer Spirit

Writer/teacher/course creator & existential explorer. Chilli grower!

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